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tracy ramirez

Hi, I'm Tracy.

As a media professional and ​business owner, I am passionate ​about creating and delivering ​engaging/high quality content in both ​English and Spanish. I founded TR ​Media, a bilingual marketing company ​during my senior year of college in ​2023.

I graduated from Lamar University ​with a bachelor's degree in ​communications with a minor in ​business. I help brands boost their ​social media presence and develop ​brand awareness.

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TR Media has a vision to highlight and support the community. Through ​Tracy’s passion, tenacity, and perseverance, she does an excellent job ​of listening, giving feedback, and working with businesses and ​organizations to help them meet their full potential.

Danielle Sutton, Co-founder & ​Outreach Director, 409 Family

I am deeply impressed by Tracy Ramirez's innovative approach at TR Media. Her fearless ​integration of technology, including Microsoft AI, into her business strategy is a testament to ​her forward-thinking mindset. Despite not having a traditional IT background, Tracy's ​willingness to embrace and leverage technology to meet her business needs is truly ​commendable. Her dedication to growth, excellence, and bilingual media engagement is ​shaping the future of the industry. I wholeheartedly support her endeavors and look forward to ​witnessing her continued success.

Steve Sharpless, Founder, ​Steepmeadow Solutions

Tracy Ramirez has exceeded my expectations as a marketing consultant ​for us. She has expertise and knowledge in marketing, social media ​engagement, video content…all areas that we are trying to improve!

Daryl Miller, Executive Director, ​Gulf Coast Youth Soccer Club

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